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Holding a Paintbrush
Colorful Book Spines

AJ.Magee supports indie artists...

Taking time to appreciate the work of others is hugely important.  Everyone has talent and it's important to recognise the amount of time & energy we all put into the things we are passionate about.

I (AJ) am a proud advocate of the MuWee Collective - which helps to develop up and coming composers/musicians - but I also firmly support the indie community as a whole.  There are often overlaps in what we do and it's essential for us to recognise opportunities as they arise.  By pooling our skills I believe there is no end to what we can achieve!

It doesn't matter whether you are already established or just starting out, or whether you see yourself as...

  • a composer / group act / solo artist

  • an actor / voice actor

  • a director / filmmaker

  • an author / blogger

  • a pod-caster / streamer

  • game developer / 3d modeller / programmer

  • graphic artist / painter

  • or handmade crafty person...

Whatever you do, be passionate, be considerate & never give up on your goals.

If you are interested in support for artists please contact me via Twitter.

Best, AJ (2019)

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