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Futuristic Robot

Looking for a captivating composition to supercharge your project?

AJ.Magee produces high quality, unique audio content and to short deadlines if needed - No matter what the budget!  Whether you require...

  • A new theme song for your intriguing audio drama or podcast;

  • A short jingle to help promote your fantastic product;

  • A fully custom soundtrack for your film or game.

Behind the Scenes
Astronaut Fireflies Animation
Mafia Man at Night Black and White

High Quality

  • Experienced in concept design. Working with clients to develop their ideas and producing a high quality output.

  • Expertise in creating a range of ambiences to enhance audio & visual content.


  • Providing innovative solutions to meet all musical requirements.

  • Influences drawn from a wide range of concepts inc: Science & Technology, the Natural Environment, Art & Philosophy and World Events.

Fast Turnaround

  • Able to produce high quality, unique output to short timescales.


War on the Streets.png

"Man, this was intense!! The SFX that were layered in, just added so much tension to the story that your music was telling. I got a very dystopian feel from it, and enjoyed the hell out of it!"

Steven J. Soucy (8 Mar 2019)


"Sounds like some ye olde adventuring music!"

Andrew LiVecchi (16 Dec 2018)

"Oooh, I love this! Gets me pumped, like I could slay a dragon!"

SolUrsidae (14 Dec 2018)


"That is a wonderful piece, AJ! Very descriptive of the grandeur of an open, vast landscape. Also, you have a way with driving the phrasing forward, so is never repetitive. Beautiful."

Tine Schenck (22 Feb 2019)

Winter Aspirations.png

"Definitely got a winter chill to it in the intro. Sounds great. And some nice big synth pads later on."

Nathan McCree (3 Dec 2018)


"Gets me right in the mood for Christmas"

Karam Alexander Bharj (3 Dec 2018)


"I like the build-up in this one! Also the percussion sounds really crisp."

Brandon Thread (7 Dec 2018)


"I really like this. Unsettling atmosphere, nervous energy, fantastic production, and great sound design. Nice work!"

Brad (7 Dec 2018)

Life Returns.png

"Beautiful, very lyrical and with a great narrative. You have a way with the cinematic, AJ. I love the beatboxy beats in the beginning. The changing motifs and intro of new elements prevents the repetitive, and as always, your synths: MAX."

Tine Schenck (26 Jan 2019)

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